Mission – Using the principles of Black Sect Feng Shui, Baubiolgy and Reiki, in combination with my own natural gifts, I help my clients create rooms, homes and offices that nourish who they truly are capable of being – prosperous, healthy, happy and whole.  I guide and support their transition into this awareness by having them set intentions for their true heart’s desires and guide them in aligning their spaces to support their dreams coming true.

Vision I desire to participate in the healing of the planet and its people by helping to create happy, healthy homes and businesses for conscious, committed individuals and families.   As one awakens to their full potential, there are many challenges to face.  I confront these challenges fearlessly with my clients and guide them in creating spaces that nurture and empower them in awakening to their full potential.

The Process – What I do and Why

new camera 144I assess houses, land and spaces to facilitate balance and harmony in my clients and their spaces.  I can work on location and from a distance.  I work with individuals with a heart’s desire to break through limiting experiences. We confront that which is not in divine alignment for them and I guide them in making inner and outer adjustments in themselves and their environments so they can align with their true nature and step into their full potential.

Our spaces are the outer expressions of a person’s being.  They reflect our inner world.  If one does not feel nourished by their environment, they have less life force energy to nourish themselves and others.  This manifests as lack; lack of money, recognition, fulfilling relationships, creativity, lack of travel opportunities, helpful people, fulfilling careers and lack of health.

I desire to connect with people who are inspired and ready to be happy, healthy and whole, and who want their environments to reflect and support this.  Through a collaborative relationship, we will create living & work spaces that will facilitate this transformation – turning rooms into beauty, offices into inspiration and houses into homes.


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