“We turn rooms into beauty, offices into inspiration and houses into homes.”


IMG_1209Stephanie Andrews helped us to identify some areas of our home that were draining us, or missing.  Since we had moved into that house, my husband, was having troubles in the career area and had totaled two cars.  We went through the process of fixing the areas as guided by Stephanie, and we were delighted to find a lot of his self-anger and disappointment melt away.  We moved into another home with a more complete floor plan and he just blossomed.  From there, we were able to buy a home with a really large wealth and prosperity corner.  Stephanie set us on the right path and really helped to put us on our current trajectory.  She was supportive, kind, thoughtful and really had a beautiful perspective on situations that we were blind to.  She removed the blindfold and helped us to come into a more true expression of ourselves.  – Sara and Jon Southam


unnamed“Stephanie Andrews has a unique Feng Shui service!  She has knowledge, experience and great intuition all in one!  I hired her to help me with my business, a cafe & wine bar with gifts & art, that was really challenging me economically and spatially!  My first interview gave me a lot to ponder about my business- what were my goals, strengths, challenges and visions?  What was there already and what could be modified?  Stephanie walked me through it all, guiding me and helping me get in touch with my dreams through her intuition and experience!  Within a short amount of time, I had done my work with her help!  I felt completely inspired and confident! My business started to change right away and continued to grow and prosper!  My favorite change that came as a real surprise was how much I enjoyed this practice and how much Stephanie’s service increased my joy at work, my attitude was even Feng Shuied!  Worth every penny, in fact this system is a sure way to up your cash flow.  I’m a believer! Give Stephanie’s service a try, it’s fun and it works!”
Holly Sweet, Briceland, Ca.  
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