The modern home or building has often been built without regard to it’s placement, natural surroundings, and it’s interiors with little thought to it’s future occupants.  Sometimes the materials used were chosen for their immediate need or low price, without consideration to their impact on our environment or our own health.  Frequently, the occupants of a building can feel its affect on their life but they don’t know where to begin to correct it.  I help my clients with:

What You can expect from Me:

  • I do not judge.  I simply feel and know what is out of balance and let you know how to correct the imbalance.
  • I can work either on-site or from a distance with the floor plans, elevations and photos.
  • After you have done your red envelopes and we have made an appointment, I will do a reading of your home/building.
  • I work with an open mind and heart and will share my findings when the reading is complete.
  • We will then discuss your concerns and the best way to address them.
  • I will empower you by teaching you the techniques needed to improve your environment and bring it into divine balance and harmony.

What I will need from You:

  • You will need a sincere heart & willingness to create positive change and a commitment to those changes.
  • A way of taking notes of the information I give you (I do not always remember the information that comes through).
  • A floor plan of the space being considered.
  • The appropriate amount of red envelopes filled with your set intentions.
  • If working from a distance – photos of the buildings entry, the interior and exterior parameters and elevations.

To experience rapid transformation, it is best if you can make the suggested corrections within three days following the appointment.  I will be available for follow-up consultation and will check-in with you:

  • within 3-7 days after our initial appointment when I have performed the Red Envelope Ceremony
  • 27 days after the ceremony