Red Envelopes

When someone embarks on the Feng Shui journey, they are committing to changing their Karma and their lives. It is empowering and sacred work.  Before I can begin my part of the work it is essential that my clients center themselves, become clear on what they hope to achieve through my services and set intentions from their heart center for what they truly desire.  Red envelopes are the auspicious carriers of these prayers.  Dollars represent life force energy and commitment to change, and are placed within each envelope, charged with ones intentions.

When setting intentions the focus will be on how one desires to feel in different areas of their life.  To begin, the client will choose up to 4 areas to focus on.  Those areas are:

  1. Career
  2. Self Knowledge & Education
  3. Family & Ancestors
  4. Wealth & Abundance
  5. Reputation
  6. Love & Partnerships
  7. Children & Creativity
  8. Travel & Helpful people
  9. Health

When a client contacts me, I will give them a specific number of envelopes to do and answer whatever questions that may arise.  When I arrive on-site, or before I begin working at a distance, the envelopes will be given to me.  This gives me permission to connect with the divine on their behalf and share the information needed to manifest their intentions.

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