Quick Phone Consult/ floor plan reading ∞ 
Your home is an outer reflection of you and your life. I help you to understand what your home’s potential is and what it needs to fulfill that potential. This reading can help you get clear on what your heart truly desires and how your space is either supporting or hindering that.

  • Submit floor plans and elevations via email
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On-site ∞ 


New Year, New You Blessing ∞ 

  • To begin a new year, celebrate a birthday or after a significant event in your life.
  • Orange Peel ceremony and Golden Cicada to break free of past limitations and wounds to bring more love and happiness to you and your life


    Nurture Your Nest

    Either when we want change or after a significant change in ones life there is an opportunity for a fresh start. It is a time to really look at what wisdom we have gained, what we need and what we need to let go of. It is a time to activate a vision for our future. I guide my clients in consciously creating an environment they love and that nourishes them deeply at their highest potential.

    • Red envelope Ceremony:Get clear on what you really want & align you and your home to that
    • House reading: Determine any major imbalances and give solutions for them
    • Custom house map: Create an outline of the space with suggestions on how to enhance areas of your home and life to bring blessings (color, furniture placement, most auspicious placement for your art, decor, etc) 
    • Plan of action customized to fit your schedule and need
    • 4 weekly support & guidance calls
    • Personalized meditation to support your inner transformation

    For Clients Building a Home ∞ 

    • Red Envelope ceremony – align with your current highest potential by setting intentions
    • Plan reading – guidance in correcting imbalances in architectural design and how to enhance them for financial prosperity, helpful people, excellent project flow and communication.
    • Clearing and Blessing Ceremonies for land, home and all who work on the project
    • Guidance in selecting colors and creating balance and harmony during the finishing process.  Activate clarity for making important decisions in a timely manner.
    • Excellent resource guidance for materials, decor and accents for your home


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