July 2011 167Reciprocity – The natural law of giving and receiving.  It is the rhythm of a gift economy – an exchange of needs, services, talents, skills and trades as viable sources of compensation and income that are in equal value to the monetary.  It stems from the understanding that an actual ‘gain’ in relationship is the ability to offer a strength of yours, while having the openness to receive what is being offered to you.  Not with obligation or expectation, but open, free and willing.  The very act of being able to receive and then having a desire to give in return or ‘pay it forward’ is gratitude in and of itself.  It is the direct result of being in balance.  Reciprocity is a fair relationship based in trust, genuinness, authenticy, equality, responsibility and integrity. It comes from the mindset of abundance, self-care and prosperity. When one of the two counterparts is being blocked, it is an imbalance.  This imbalance creates a disharmony in relating to each other, other creatures and our planet, which results in creating unhealthy dynamics between living things and living systems.  These unhealthy dynamics have a direct effect on our happiness, health and well-being.  Reciprocity facilitates health, happiness, and a feeling of wholeness of being at home with oneself and the world.




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