Black Sect Feng Shui


(as described by Geomancy/Feng Shui Education Organization of San Francisco)

Feng Shui, the original environmental impact statement, is sometimes regarded as the mother of the natural sciences.  It is among the earliest comprehensive attempts to codify the influences of weather, place and cosmology as a guide to life.  Feng Shui as an art involves the intuitive, aesthetic adjustment of visible and invisible objects or factors, realigning all dimensions of environment into harmony and balance.”

The Black Sect is a synthesis of Shamanic and wisdom teachings. It recognizes that:

  • (a) there is no separation between consciousness, intention and form
  • (b) that form is an expression of intention
  • (c) there is a constant cybernetic and emergent communication between them (a & b).
  • Creation arises out of the great artist/intenders Consciousness.
  • Chi, the vital life force, is both the medium and the message.

“Black Sect Feng Shui is the science/art of the constant, mutual, interactive communication and conditioning between the chi of place or environment and the chi of individuals.”

“As taught by Professor Lin Yun, Black Sect Feng Shui is a synthesis of Tibetan, Chinese Buddhist Taoist principles, folk wisdom, as well as modern psychology and design principals.  Black Sect Teachings help bring to fruition an individual’s wish for positive change in accord with Universal Principals.

IMG_2838Meditation practices awaken a clear view of what is needed and appropriate to correct and balance disharmony in our environment and in ourselves.  By understanding our environment as a perfect expression of our spiritual and psychological condition, we can use the juncture of self and home, place and being to create true comfort and joy.  Since the spiritual precedes the physical, using Black Sect Feng Shui methods creates a new beginning, repairs what has been spoiled, and increases what is already good.  By both adjusting our environments and adjusting ourselves, we enliven and inspire the continual process of transformation as a way of Being.  Changing the chi (life force energy) of a place changes the situation’s inherent intention, which then changes the luck/fate/karma of the inhabitants.  Black Sect practitioners learn to adjust chi at the most appropriate dimension, whether directly through meditation, using natural forces, or through Feng Shui adjustment.”

Your home is an outer reflection of your life.  By using the eight sided bagua as a map, on location or from a distance, a person’s space can be read and adjusted for optimal flow of life force energy.  With the knowing that all things in nature desire to be in balance and harmony, and the implementation of visualization, intention and transcendental healing, the process of bringing a person and his or her surroundings into alignment with their highest potential is facilitated.

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