How does your environment mirror what you need to bring into balance?

Home maintenance and repairs can be troublesome and frustrating when done unconsciously.  As soon as one starts to look at the situation as symbolic of something needing to be fixed or repaired within themselves the process of repairing or maintaining ones home begins to be healing and empowering.  When inspired action follows awareness progress is made.

Some examples of how this might show up are:  Doors or windows that don’t close or door knobs and locks that do not work properly represent weak boundaries.  Contemplate where you need to strengthen your boundaries and as you go about replacing or making repairs to these things, consciously commit to holding stronger boundaries.  When doors or windows are hard to open, where are you having difficulty opening up?  To new ideas? people? situations?  Allow yourself to be vulnerable and choose to be more open where you haven’t been in the past while you go about getting things to open more easily .  If termites are eating away at your home what is eating away at you?  Are you picking yourself apart?  Allowing others to do so?  Do you have a grievance you have not communicated?  Acknowledge and address it and as you get rid of the termites choose to get rid of the behavior of letting things eat away at you.  If you have a water leak, be it a faucet , shower , what ever, what is emotionally draining you?  The bigger the leak the bigger the problem. Acknowledge it, address it , repair it and move on!

The more we move away from being a victim of circumstance and begin to look at our outer environment as a reflection of our inner selves the more we can make lasting empowered changes in our lives.

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