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We live in a beautiful world and when conscious people come together in the spirit of creating balance and harmony, the results can be absolutely magical! We are interdependent beings who can master ourselves and our gifts.  There is nothing more fulfilling than to use one’s “super powers” for the forces of good and to be respected and appreciated for doing so. In this spirit, I have found some of the most conscious, capable, talented, uplifting and harmonious people to work with.  When I am called upon for Feng Shui assistance, this is the support team that I draw upon and who I recommend to help with specific areas.


IMG_1460For Design & Construction Consulting

Jason Andrews:  A conscious, down to earth being with over 20 years of experience of working on remodels, building beautiful custom homes and public buildings.  He has a deep respect for the environment and it’s effect on a home.  He is gifted at seeing the “big picture” and breaking it down to manageable and practical steps.  He is skilled at minimalizing waste, creative collaboration and creating simple beauty.




251-e1396834610953 For Outdoor Beautification & Landscape Consulting

Ray Henton:  A  true “plant whisperer.”  He has been a small- scale organic farmer and created beautiful landscapes and flower gardens in Northern California and Costa Rica.  He was a forest ranger in the Pacific Northwest with a specialty in identifying and nurturing local flora.  He loves plants and knows what they need to thrive.  Ray also loves to create beauty in natural environments and has guided many, including myself, in turning  “black thumbs”  into green ones.




IMG_3642For Organizational Expertise & Communication Consulting

Ally Rugge:  Considered a “Jane of Many Trades,” working with us, Ally specializes in event coordination & spatial organization.  She enjoys building and creating cozy, comfortable, beautiful and clear spaces for people to feel both welcome and at peace in.  She has strong intuitive skills for putting practical and simple systems into action in order to help keep a place tidy, well organized, inviting and aesthetically pleasing.  She works with client’s individual needs, strengths and gifts.  She values that respect, integrity, responsibility and collaboration are imperative when working together for a beneficial outcome.  She puts her heart into her work and truly loves helping people get organized all the way from simple management in keeping people on task towards their intended goals, to large scale restructuring for home/business clean-outs.  Ally is also a keen observer and strong communicator.  She can delegate tasks as needed with the strength of a director combined with the care and understanding of a teacher.  Directness, honesty and the art of tact are vital to her work.  She has 20 years of experience in her field.  She also offers communication counseling, mediation and self/community awareness facilitation to individuals, couples and groups of any size – a feng shui for relationships.

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