Feng Shui Questionnaire for Homes

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How long have you lived in/conducted business from this location?

Have there been any significant changes in your life since being in this location?

Have you ever done a blessing or clearing on the space? If so, please describe your experience/results?

What are the most prominent challenges you are facing in your life at this time?

If these challenges did not exist, how would you live differently and what would that feel like?

What are your favorite things about this space? Why?

What do you like least about this space? Why?

Are there changes to the space that you want or know you need to make, but haven't made them yet? What has stopped you from moving forward with these changes?

What are the prime motivating factors for you wanting to work with me?

What is your experience/understanding of Feng Shui?

Can you think of a time when you gained great wisdom from a challenge in your life? What was the wisdom gained?

What are the primary focuses in your life at this time? Would you rather be focusing on something else? What?

Do you have any personal practices that support you being at your best? If so, what are they? How often do you make time for these activities?

What is bringing you the most joy at this time?

If you made a wish for how you would like your space to feel when you walk in the door, what would that be?

How much time/energy do you have to put into getting your space in alignment with your best self and life?

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