Feng Shui Questionnaire for Businesses

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How long have you been at present location? If this is not a new building, what is the history of this location?

Have there been any significant changes in your business?

What is the purpose of this business and who does it serve?

What is your ultimate vision for your business? How would you like to feel in relationship to your work, employees, financial dealings and the people you serve?

What are the biggest challenges you are facing at this time? Include personally, professionally, and within the business.

Are you planning on making any changes to the business? If so, what, why, when?

What are your favorite aspects of your business and why?

What are your least favorite aspects of your business and why?

Are there areas of the building that you particularly like? Why?

Are there areas of the building you find frustrating? Why?

What is your understanding/experience of Feng Shui?

What inspired you to ask for Feng Shui assistance? If I could help you solve a specific problem that would make a significant difference in your life & business what would that be?

What amount of time and energy are you willing to invest in bringing your business into alignment with its highest potential? How high is this on your priority list?

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