Getting Started

Red envelopes:  Conscious Co-Creation Contract

You will be assigned a specific # of envelopes based on your project and area/ areas of focus.  You will need a matching number of dollar bills to envelopes.

Take into consideration what your heart desires?   What no longer serves you?   What changes you are inspired to make?  What stops you and in what area of your life?

Connect with a vision: What do you want ? What is the feeling you would get from that? Create an image, song, something that invokes that feeling.  Place each dollar bill between your palms and infuse it with the feeling. Know you are calling it forth into your life.  Fold each bill and place it in a red envelope (auspicious carriers of prayer)

The nine areas to consider are:

Self Knowledge & Education:

Get to know yourself. Stop repeating the same mistakes/ scenarios. Gain wisdom from experiences.  Gain the knowledge you need to move forward in area of interest.

Family / Ancestors:

Connect with your family in a healthy & respectful way, attract & create a sense of belonging. Get your household running smoothly. Honor your ancestors .

Wealth & Abundance:

Uplift your self esteem/self worth. Bring in and enjoy abundance into your home and life.  Enjoy more luxury. Fill your life to overflowing and share with the world.


Clean up your reputation so that it represents the real you.  Empower /gain self respect.  Ignite more passion in your life.

Love & Partnership:

Bring fulfilling love and partnerships into your life. Communicate more honestly and live more harmoniously with your business & love partners.

Children & Creativity:

Have more child-like fun. Uplift the children in your life. Find creative solutions to challenges.  Spark & develop your creativity.

Travel & Helpful People:

Near or far, travel with ease and grace. Bring more truly helpful people into your life.


Share your gifts with the world in a fun, fulfilling and prosperous way.  Bring more ideal clients to you and your business


Improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health

Feng Shui Questionnaires

Filling out your feng shui questionnaire helps you to connect with the space you are currently in and  its effect on different areas of your life. It helps you to set clear intentions for your future and gives you material to base your red envelopes on.  By filling out the questionnaire you will have a record of where you are now , what your heart desires and be able to track your progress.