“Live the life you love, love the life you live.”  Bob Marley

Stephanie Andrews

My gift is the ability to align people, their spaces and places with their highest potential. I guide my clients in consciously creating a life they love and an inner and outer environment to sustain it.

Stephanie Andrews: Black Sect Feng Shui Practitioner, Natural Home Designer, wholistic healer and Kundalini Yoga Teacher

We may not realize it, but our outer environments are communicating with us continuously. The messages are experienced as shifts in our relationships, finances, careers, health, energy level, reputations, ability to travel, families, children and creativity.
We can blame these shifts on others, outer circumstances, past experiences etc. and by doing so become a victim of them.  We get stuck, overwhelmed, disempowered, and loose direction .  If we can choose to tune into the places that we live and work in to discover what they are trying to tell us, great healing can take place. What They need, We need.  If we bring our homes and offices into balance harmony we too come into balance and harmony and begin to really thrive!

I help my clients get clear on what their hearts truly desire .  I guide them in consciously creating high vibrational environments where they can be nourished and supported as they bring their dreams to fruition. I also support them as they navigate the challenges they will be confronted with.  In the process an inner and outer environment are created to align them with their highest potential :  Being an empowered conscious creator of ones own unique version of Heaven on Earth.